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Dr. Rajaratnam, M.D., F.A.C.S.


Medical Director

About Dr. Rajaratnam, M.D., F.A.C.S.


Founder of the California Wellness Institute, has over 30 years of experience in the medical field. During the past five years, he has maintained a practice specializing in BHRT and aesthetic medicine. He is a specialty surgeon and a Holistic Practitioner. Dr. Raj has dedicated himself in incorporating both Western and Eastern philosophies of medicine. He has trained with Cenegenics in Las Vegas and was introduced to Regenerative and Age Management medicine.

Dr. Eugene Rajaratnam M.D. Graduated 1976 from Stanley Medical College, Chennai India. 'Dr. Raj' moved to New York and completed a surgical and urological residency in 1982. He received his Board Certification in 1985. He then worked as an attending Urologist in Brooklyn, NY at Coney Island Hospital until 1988 and then moved to California.

He has been in Private Practice in Lancaster since 1988. He founded The Antelope Valley Impotence and Incontinence Center. He and his team treat all Urological conditions with special focus on Erectile Dysfunction and Urinary Incontinence.

Dr. Raj was introduced to Age Management Medicine in 2007 and was initially trained by the Cenegenics Medical Institute in Las Vegas, NV. He is Board Certified in Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine as well.

Dr. Raj also founded The California Wellness Institute. It initially started as an entity in Lancaster with plans to expand to other cities in California and internationally in the Asia Pacific Region.

Aside from being a physician he is also an avid pilot, photographer, and has a keen interest in Commercial Real Estate development. He is currently involved in a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation. The Rajaratnam Foundation has been focusing on fundraising to benefit and assist underprivileged children in achieving their dreams in the Antelope Valley for the past 10 years.

Carol Christian

Carol Christian


Managing Director

About Carol Christian

Carol Christian has over 20 years of experience as a functional medicine and holistic healthcare practitioner. Having begun her wellness career as a registered nurse, she was called to grow beyond western traditions and today holds multiple certifications in eastern and alternative healing therapies. Committed to helping her patients live healthy and happy lives. 

Carol specializes in holistic treatments that cater to the healing needs of the individual. She is particularly interested in working with patients whose chronic and unknown conditions elude physical and spiritual well-being. 

Carol has a passion for natural healing and for encouraging and supporting others to live joyful, healthy and vibrant lives. A gifted teacher and learner, Carol is known both for her generosity in sharing her knowledge and for her initiative in exploring new technologies and modalities that can benefit her patients.

Carol’s areas of expertise are as follows. In addition to being a clinical specialist of ThermiVA (which focuses on male and female sexual enhancement and rejuvenation), Carol is a certified advanced practitioner in Ondamed­ Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy (bio feedback) and was trained in Germany under the guidance of Dr. Sylvia Bender. Additionally, she is an expert in cleansing and organ detoxification. Having administered colon hydrotherapy to patients for more than 23 years, she now travels internationally to train and mentor other colon therapists worldwide. 

Carol’s services include molecular nutrition education as well as counseling and supervision of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) weight loss programs. In addition to her one on one mentorship Carol is part of a consortium of healers leading medical tourism retreats in beautiful locations worldwide. 

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Geni Mullins

 Welcome to Ixchel Spa Page
Eugenia Mullins, N.D. (preferably, “Dr. Geni”). Before becoming a Naturopath, she was a nurse, phlebotomist and a X-ray technician for 19 years and a single parent. Had been in a weight loss private practice with a Medical Doctor friend since 1994. 

She sought natural medicine not for her own health but more so due to the perplexing and incurable health condition of her sister diagnosed in 1996 with scleroderma at the age of 35 and with out any hope of even increasing her life by even a month. After a month of treating her sister, she knew this was what she wanted to due for the rest of her career. It was primarily because of this that she developed a passion for true healing during her nursing career years and became committed to finding answers for not only herself and her family, but for society at large. She’s been at it ever since.  


Eugenia as has a certification in Nutrition, Doctorate in Non-Invasive Alernative Therapeutics, Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Certificate awarded as a Certified Natural Health Professional, Certification on Enzymes Therapeutics, Certified as a Nutritional Microscopist and Aromatherapist.

In her practice she had been know as the fertility doctor due to her Detox Program and Mayan abdominal massages. Most of her clients where in the Hispanic community with very little income to seek medical attention. She also was on the Radio for 3 years given natural remedy advises, gave free seminars in her community for diabetic, weight loss, for parents with children with ADD, ADHD and Autism, Nutrition and Fermenting foods and drinks. Eugenia has taught Intermediate Fasting, Ketogenic Diet, Paleo diet,  Detoxification to the Cell level.  and Gerson Therapy for Cancer Patients and Immune Deficiencies.

Before thinking or deciding to open a Detox Spa, she wanted to expand, share her knowledge, so she headed to work for Detox Spas, including Madrid Spa and We Care Spa, she was immediately recognized for her knowledge. This made her take her experience in true healing with Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Healing Energy, Pranic Healing, Nutritionist and Auriculotherapy to her home country and give Birth to Ixchel Spa, a Detox Fasting and Juicing Retreat.

She wants to help others gain trust in their own healing processes, and for the world at large to learn that it is not necessary to use toxic synthetic substances to become well, nor rely on totally on the  public health system that sacrifices the health of an individual, for the sake of the “herd”. Most importantly, she wants to empower families, parents, children, and the public at large to trust in the tried and true methods of natural medicine. 


Eugenia has joined California Wellness Institute and it's healers  to bring the her knowledge and other options of healing to the table. 

Colon Hydrotherapists

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Digestion & Detox Specialist and Nutritional Therapy

Serena was raised in Australia within a health conscious family and been involved in the modelling industry. Exposed to a healthy upbringing from a young age enabled her to appreciate the wonderful advantages of cleansing the colon and eating a healthy diet.
Serena studied at ‘The Internal Environment Institute’ located right here in Los Angeles and gained a wealth of knowledge from travelling and living in numerous countries around the world.
Serena,  has been certified as colon hydrotherapist for over 8 years.  She has a passion for this industry and her goal is to assist her clients to be able to maintain and enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

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Digestion & Detox Specialist and Nutritional Therapy

Octavia Zaccaro possesses 33 years of holistic health experience. Octavia became a licensed shiatsu & massage therapist in 1986 from the Tao Healing Arts Center.
She received professional certifications in Reflexology and Deep Tissue massage at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing 1993.  At that time she also added manual lymphatic clearing to her resume. 
In 1990, she became a certified colon hydrotherapist through the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) and the National Board of Colon Hydrotherapists. Octavia brings her knowledge of the body and cleansing, to every session. Her innate sensitivity to the physical and emotional state of her clients enables her to guide them through life changing experiences. 
Octavia takes that sensitivity one step further and helps her clients develop individualized cleansing and nutritional programs.  

International Coordinator Director

Maggie Hann

 Meet Maggie Han, International Wellness Coordinator with many years of experience in skin care and Anti-Aging. Maggie is originally from China, in 1995 she moved to Melbourne, Australia to pursue her career goals in the beauty industry. 

She studied aesthetics and received her license as a certified beauty therapist. With great success Maggie opened her own Medi Spa. 

In 2006 Maggie moved to Los Angeles California. Maggie is also the founder of Hollywood Hydrotherapy a Detox and Wellness center in Shanghai. The last 10 years Maggie has been studying and working in Functional and Regenerative Medicine with the California Wellness Institute