PRP for Joints


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Bella's PRP Facial Rejuvenation


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Ahh PRP Shot and ThermiVA


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Stop your pain with PRP treatment as early as tomorrow!

Stop your pain with PRP treatment as early as tomorrow!


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) containing growth factors and sometimes added stem cells is being used more frequently in our practice for tendon irritations, tendinitis, and bursitis around the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle joints.  Effectively treat chronic injuries with PRP, a non-surgical treatment option.

 PRP was made popular by professional athletes and weekend warriors through its treatment of season-ending symptoms including swelling, stiffness, inflammation, tenderness, and pain. 

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How it Works

Effectively treat chronic injuries with PRP, a non-surgical treatment option.



When It’s Used

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) containing growth factors and sometimes added stem cells is being used more frequently in our practice for tendon irritations, tendinitis, and bursitis around the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle joints.

The procedure takes a small amount of a patient's blood, isolates the platelets and injects the growth factors they release directly into the injured area, where they promote the body's natural healing response.  A series of three injections combined with physical therapy focusing on soft tissue mobilization has been effective in our hands.The PRP has the benefit of stimulating the release of stem cells from vessel walls further augmenting repair. Stem cells are also being directly added to our cartilage regeneration efforts. Tendinitis is an inflammation, degeneration or injury to the tendon, the structure in your body that connects muscle to bone. Tendinitis can lead to degeneration of the collagen fibers that make up the tendon. The chronic pain that develops with tendinitis has been successfully treated with soft tissue massage, stretching, icing, and careful exercises. 

PRP injections are prepared using a patient’s own blood. Once the mixture is prepared, it is injected into the affected area to promote healing. With tennis elbow, for example, PRP and a local anesthetic would be injected directly into the inflamed tissue around the elbow joint. If used around the spine, the injections are usually delivered with live X-ray guidance (fluoroscopy) to ensure proper placement. Initially, pain may increase after the injection until the mixture starts to work on tissues.  


Manage pain and promote tissue healing

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical treatment option


Our unique regenerative approach to healing joints and repairing arthritis can get you back to the activities you love, without compromise. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical treatment option that’s becoming an increasingly common way to manage pain and promote tissue healing for athletes. Prepared from a patient’s own blood, PRP injections also have the potential to benefit other people dealing with discomfort related to an assortment of musculoskeletal conditions.

  • Most effective for chronic tendon injuries
  • Also shows promise when used for tissue damage
  • May benefit patients with arthritis, ligament injuries, back pain


Bella's PRP Facial Rejuvination

Bell's PRP Facial Rejuvenation


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRPT) can be used turn back the hands of time, without the expense or downtime associated with surgery. Dr. David Ghozland uses PRPT in the Vampire Facial treatment to ease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crepey skin and minimize the appearance of sagging skin around the eyes or mid-face. The result? A refreshed, natural-looking glow that takes years off your appearance! 

Innovative Therapy Harnesses the Power of Plasma to Reverse the Signs of Aging


How Does PRPT Work?

The Vampire Facial uses your own blood to prepare a PRP product that Dr. Ghozland will apply to your skin. The collagen-rich treatment will help firm and tighten your skin and restore your youthful glow. The Vampire Facial is non-invasive, and uses tiny injections similar to those used in Botox and dermal fillers. From start to finish, your procedure should take about 30 minutes.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Anyone who wants to look younger and feel more confident is a great candidate for a Vampire Facial using PRP therapy. Dr. Raj uses the Vampire Facial to treat:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Fine lines around the mouth
  • Poor skin texture
  • Sun damage
  • Acne scars
  • Crepey skin in the eye, neck and décolletage areas

Your Procedure Results are only as good as Your Surgeon

Dr. Raj is a respected, compassionate and dedicated board-certified UROGYNO, Urologist and Surgeon in Brentwood California who specializes in vaginal cosmetic and minimally invasive surgeries.  He utilizes the latest surgical techniques, which involve minimal downtime and mild sedation.

  • Dr. Raj use the latest advances/ technology in medicine
  • All procedures are performed by Dr. Raj – no trainees or residents
  • Patients are from all over the US 
  • Over 1000 successful procedures performed on men and women
  • Our entire team is dedicated to the success of your procedure, from consultation to recovery

Is the Bella's Facial PRP Procedure Right for You? 

Dr. Raj is a trusted and experienced physician who has helped hundreds of patients just like you to feel better about their appearance and health using non-surgical treatments and interventions like PRP therapy and Stem Cells.


What does it Do?

Thermiva is a non- invasive feminine rejuvenation treatment with no pain or downtime. Thermiva is the first and only temperature controlled treatment that safely and effectively uses radio frequency energy to tighten the labia and vaginal canal and increase blood flow to the vaginal tissue. This results in softer and thicker labial skin, increased vaginal moisture, improvement or curing of stress incontinence, and more coordinated muscle contractions.

Thermiva treatments are performed in a series of three, each one month apart. Some results are immediate and all results continue to improve with each treatment. Effects of the treatment last approximately nine months to a year. Maintenance treatments are recommended once a year after the initial series to maintain optimal results.

Benefits of Ahh PRP Shot

Ahh PRP Shot has the potential to heal low sex drive, decreased orgasm, urinary incontinence, dyspanurea (painful sexual intercourse), and other problems caused by aging or after childbirth. The truth is that many men and women suffer in silence, embarrassed because they have sexual problems. As much as 40% of women and 35% suffer from sexual problems, but they do not discuss it with their physician. This affects self-esteem, mental health, and can even result in family problems.  The Ahh PRP Shot has been talked about in Fox News with Dr. Lisbeth Roy, Cosmopolitan magazine and Tatler Magazine.


Behind the Injection

Improves Orgasms In Women



“The PRP generated in the centrifuge contains cell regenerating growth factors which, when injected into the vagina, trigger stem cells to increase blood flow and generate healthy tissue growth as well as helps improve the vascularization of the area,” Dr Raj said. He has seen the request for the orgasm shot on the rise recently, which he attributes partly to positive patient testimonials. 

“The rise of non-surgical genital rejuvenation, in general, has increased a lot due to the advanced technology that is now present, and patients now started to be informed but we are still in a very early stage.

“The fact that women finally heard about a treatment that can at least help them regain some of their sensitivity as there was nothing at all in the market for that. The main reasons women are requesting the shot are to increase sensitivity, because they used to have orgasms and now do not, they are experiencing urinal incontinence or lichen sclerosis - a condition which affects the skin of the genitals. 

Some women who chose the procedure might suffer from female sexual arousal disorder which has shown to affect 1 in 20 women according to some studies, they might be unable to achieve an orgasm, potentially because they have an orgasm disorder. Other women who opt for the shot may do so because they are experiencing pain during sex which nearly one in 10 women experience, a recent study suggested. 

Patients have reported a range of positive effects from the shots including increased sensation, greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, the ability to have an orgasm from penetrative sex when they were previously unable to, younger and smoother skin of the vulva, stronger and more frequent orgasms, improvement in urinary incontinence, decreased pain for those experiencing painful sex, increased natural lubrication and the increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm. 

“The results in general of the  Ahh PRP Shot  varies, I always explain to my patients, it depends on where we are at the starting point, for example, their age, if they have medical conditions or  whether they have hormonal problems.” He stresses the injection is "not a magic stick" and that 50 per cent of women might experience instantaneous "wow effects" while the other half may just notice a marked improvement, which they can build on by having more injections.  

Are there any risks with injecting such a highly sensitive area?  All injections carry certain risks such as bleeding, infection and damaging the nerve endings but claims he has never seen any side effects cases he has personally administered.

Dr. Raj women and warned that continuing stigmas around the female orgasm and female can deter women coming forward for help or treatment if they are experiencing gynecological or sexual problems. He suggests this problem is a form of sexism. 

“The following example is, “As we grow older, our sights get impaired so we wear glasses, our hearing might get weaker so we wear hearing aids, this is no different. This is a part of the female body that sees a lot of changes through life: from delivery, menopause, hormonal changes, and aging. 

So we have to expect some reduction in sensation at least for some but we should not treat this is as an abnormality. The abnormality is not seeking help because of a stigma, in my opinion, ignoring female sexual dysfunction with the negative effects it could have on the female life, family, socially and work for example is one form of female abuse.



What is the O-Shot?


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