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Lines and wrinkles are among the most common signs of aging.  

As we age our skin loses laxity and begins to show fine lines and wrinkles, most notably on the face.  

Wouldn’t you love if we could wave a magic wand and make your wrinkles disappear?

Introducing ThermiSmooth Face-- our new noninvasive, nonsurgical dermal remodeling service! 

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Using ThermiSmooth’s cutting-edge technology, we are able to target individual problem areas around the eyes, mouth, and cheeks with a precise and steady flow of heat. 

The heat in turn improves collagen production within the face, making the skin look fuller and smoothing over any imperfections.  While many non-invasive anti-aging solutions exist, 

ThermiSmooth Face with the Thermi RF system is the only one whose temperature can be adjusted to effectively treat each patient's specific area of concern. 



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